Slide VIDEO REIMAGINED A patent-protected interactive video experience

The Future of Video

Orb Reality (OR) is the first significant innovation in web-based video since live streaming became widely available in 1996.

Our patent protects a crucial component of online video space, allowing viewers to smoothly control perspective, zoom, viewing angle and more, with no additional hardware or software.

Videos can be viewed on any computer, phone or home TV, and OR bridges the space between VR, video games and conventional video.

The timing is right! Until recently, our technology was not feasible but now the speed of modern processors and the advent of 5G has made OR a reality.

Orb Reality’s Rig and Studio

Some studios have the capability of creating bullet-time effects… but only offer still-frame products.

O.R. is currently the only company that offers bullet-time using full-motion video, and a free, interactive platform upon which to view it.

Rigs will vary in the number of cameras, layers and capability. It is even possible to wrap actors in an orb shaped “bubble” of cameras (on a clear plastic floor), which will give the user a full 360 degree experience while they fluidly move around the action.

Corporate clients may wish to purchase their own rig and technical assistance from Orb Reality.

→ Pricing on request.

Clients may choose to rent Orb Reality’s studio, (in operation mid 2020) equipped with an HD camera rig, professional lighting and sound.

→ Pricing on request.

  • Stable Focal Point
  • Controlled Environments
  • ~100 Cameras
  • Basic Software Package

Applications for OR V1.0



  • Dynamic Focal Point
  • Semi-Controlled Environments
  • Additional Cameras & Levels
  • Zoom & Pan

Applications for OR V2.0

  • Unpredictable Action Points
  • Large Environments
  • Sophisticated Cameras
  • Action-Follow Cameras & Software

Applications for OR V3.0

Meet the Team

Roy Feinson

  • Business owner and visual software developer since 1984, Feinson has designed scientific visual applications used by law enforcement as well as media companies.
  • Author of three books dealing with evolutionary psychology.
  • Credited as the inventor of cell-phone predictive text.

Michael Karlin
Director of Business

  • Attorney, CPA, and MBA
  • Seasoned business leader, co-CEO of Ibex Biosciences, a Qualified Maryland Biotechnology Company

Bassem Salloum
Technical Director

  • AET Systems
  • Experienced web and app developer.
  • Skilled in Python, E-commerce, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, Swift, and C++.

Matt Gill
Creative Director

  • Oversaw rebranding and design for Preakness & InfieldFest
  • 10+ years Adobe platform experience

Intellectual Property
  • U.S. Patent


  • Law Firms

    Arjomand Law Group, PLLC
    Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

  • Protection

    Methods and systems to allow users to view multi-stream videos from a selected angle/direction with respect to the contents of the multi-stream video, under user’s control. The user may dynamically change the selection, and thus the viewing angle. Multiple streams may be selected to provide 3D or other visual effects.


    Orbital Reality intends to file additional patents to protect overseas markets; including AI upgrades (virtual cameras), Smart Zoom (track positions of subjects), and streaming technology specific to OR.

Partnership Opportunities

The ubiquity of online media makes it difficult for media companies to stand out. OR is the first major advance in online viewing since web-streaming became available in the 90s.

OR’s interactivity, uniqueness, and compelling visual components make it impossible for media companies to ignore.

Orb Reality is teaming up with a wide variety of media companies, ranging from major league sports, stage performances, corporate customers, advertising agencies and more.

If your company can utilize video presentations irresistible to your audience, please contact:

Roy Feinson

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